Lead singer and songwriter for The DImestore Cowboys.  James tells the story of how he came to be the man he is today.  The short version; country music is who he is.  The song's that fill the rooms of the venues that the Dimestore Cowboys frequent are stories.  Stories of fighting bulls for the rodeo and watching celebrity cowboys from the dirt.  Country songs have always been about telling great stories and these guys have them to tell. 

The Dimestore Cowboys- modern day pioneers of a traditional country music revival. 

Based in Johnson City, Tennessee, this eclectic union of musicians was originated by James Brashears and Jason Shaffer. The duo began writing music and playing together in 2005 forming their first band JB 5NDime. Through the years they added Lisa Pattison, Tyler Petty, Justin Louthian, and Jason Vapor to the mix and became known as The Dimestore Cowboys. This powerhouse of talent is bonded by their belief that current pop country has eroded the roots of traditional country music and their desire to get back to the basics. Their collective musical influences range from old school country , metal, and even the Wu-tang Clan. 

JAMES BRASHEARS, on lead vocals and guitar was born in Middlesboro, Kentucky. He is a former bullfighter for the APBA. His gospel roots and his love for country music shine through his raw vocals and heartfelt lyrics. James has one of the most authentic country voices in the music industry. 

JASON SHAFFER, the band's bass player is the rhythmic pulse of the band's sound. He was raised in Hiltons, Virginia, the home of the Carter Family Fold. His family's bluegrass roots started here and have remained unchanged through Shaffer's musical evolution. 

LISA PATTISON is an accomplished fiddle player and vocalist. She holds degrees from MIT, Standford, and UC- Santa Barbara. She has played with some of the world's renowned musicians. Once her bow hits the strings you understand why she is considered on the area's  most accomplished fiddle players. She can play anything from fast paced dance tunes to a tear jerking melody

TYLER PETTY, on lead guitar and vocals  was raised in the birthplace of country music.  He is the youngest member of the band but his age does not detract from his old school approach to those chicken pickin' licks that add to the band's sound. 

JASON VAPOR, on keys and synth is the newest member of the band. He comes to the mix from Dallas, Texas bringing with him a Texas size talent that meshes perfectly with the band's big country sound. 

JUSTIN LOUTHIAN, the band's drummer extraordinaire hails from good ole Meadowview, Virginia with a degree in music. His influences range from Jazz to Rock and anywhere in between.  He adds the hard thumping honky-tonk beat to the band's sound. 

The Dimestore Cowboys released two albums in 2016. The first was a demo titled, "She Left Me For Jesus" followed by their debut full length album title, "Trend".  In 2020 they released their self titled album, which is currently  streaming on Spotify. 

The Dimestore Cowboys are a rowdy, hard working, hard loving, and hard playing bunch of musicians fueled by their devotion to keeping country music country  and writing songs relatable to life and anyone who wants to shuffle their feet and have a good time.